Dr Mineo Hiramatsu Professor

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University 

1-501 Shiogamaguchi, Tempaku, Nagoya 468-8502, Japan

Phone: +81-52-832-1151 Ex.5075, Fax: +81-52-832-1298

Email: mnhrmt@meijo-u.ac.jp




Society memberships:

Research interests:

  1. Diamond Electronics
    • elucidation of diamond growth mechanism
    • fabrication of devices from diamond
  2. Photon (laser and synchrotron radiation) processing of electronic materials
    • synchrotron radiation (SR) ablation for materials processing
    • excimer laser ablation for materials processing
      fluorocarbon polymer; superconductor; metal fluoride; zinc oxide, etc
  3. Plasma processing of electronic materials
    • characterization of processing plasmas using absorption spectroscopy
    • thin film formation
      dielectric film with low dielectric constant; carbon nitride; zinc oxide, etc

Selected Publications: