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ようこそ 中條研究室へ -システム・情報通信研究室- 名城大学理工学部電気電子工学科

Information and communications technology (ICT) creates bridges to connect people around the world.
We aim to develop IoT (Internet of Things) to converse with people and sensors through visible lights.

情報通信技術で人と人の心をむすぶ架け橋を創造します。 可視光を介して人とセンサーが対話できるIoT技術の開発を目指します。

Main research topics
Visible light communication (VLC)
We're developing VLC technology. It can communicate with visible lights without using radio waves.
Optical camera communication (OCC) make a symbol decision by processing the captured LED-lighting images in real time using FPGA or smartphones.
We're developing the qualities and skills with a thorough knowledge of both physics and information, or hardware and software.

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Wataru Chujo
Alumni from 2008 to 2018
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